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Camera Confusion
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My poor baby camera (a Canon Power Shot SX1000 IS) broke, had it for almost three years and loved it to bits but I suddenly just couldn't turn it on anymore.

At first that almost felt like an almost good opportunity for an upgrade - I mean, 3 years with how fast these things go, are a long time for a piece of technology and I was basically hoping for something even more awesome at a similiar price to what I'd paid 3 years ago (basically like with a computer).

So I decided to stick with Canon and went for the Power Shot SX210 IS. It was shiny and although it felt a bit small, I was excited -- until I looked at the pictures it did on my computer. And it was terrible. Absolutely awful - green mushy pulps for tree-leaves and grass and grey pulps for trees and grey pulps for roads. Really bad.

When I went back to the shop and explained what I hated about it, the shop assistant recommended the Ricoh CX3, which I have now. But while it has some nice features (as the Canon did) my basic complaint is there just as much as before. Well, maybe a slight improvement but not enough to make me happy. And I was supposed to go lower on wide angle and optical zoom for better picture quality and it didn't improve it much - and it was more expensive.

So now it is between just accepting that this is the best I can hope for at this price range (around 300€) and this sensor size, or upgrade to a DSLR. The cheapest ranges there (Canon 1000D, Nikon D3000, Olympus E-450) all range between 380€ and 500€ depending on the kit of objectives and extras they come with and aparently promise drastic improvements. And I mean, if it did give me that much more of what I want, I'd be ok with dropping another 100€.
But at the same time, they are so not handy. I mean you can't just put them into the back-pocket of your jeans and that kind of stuff. And I feel a bit intimidated about all the fuctions and all the things you have to know. At the same time, I love that idea of course.

I'm just wondering whether I'm just too picky. I am used to looking at my pictures on the lower resultion of my laptop screen and after having  acloser look at the pictures I did with my old camera, there are hints of the same problem on the higher resolution of my pc screen. Although not to the degree of the two newer ones. ARGH!

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We had a canon powershot, but now we have a lumix dmc tz7. We have absolutely NO complaints about it. But i don't know what price range that would be in euros.

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