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Day in my life, the second.
men-James-Not you too
I made this for ditl but I also want it in here - where i can look at it again in two years and think: "Awww." Like I do sometimes with my ditl of two years ago. So, this is a monday in my life in pictures.


Good morning world! Perfect time to get up, sunny skies, rested Laila: Monday's aren't so bad.

My mother (yes, I am 25 and I live with my mother - it's temporary) has this thing about water-conservation. So until the water runs hot, it goes into the bucket. Then on the scales (meh) and off to get clean and fragrant and pretty.

Back in room our doggy Maya is waiting for me on my bed. I turn on some music and moisturize and put on deodorant.

TEA! Need to boil some water first and say Good Morning to Mum. This is her describing what nuclear meltdown is - as though I hadn't explained it to her a few days ago in the first place.

I have a pretty sensitive stomach, so yum herbal tea for breakfast. Drinking it in the morning sun on the window-sill. Jeeez, I need some make-up.

Morning rituals, music and reading replies by the sweet kisstheground and theprophecygirl - but eeeks! Doing Ditl takes so much time in the morning and I have no time to write anything - just quickly put some make-up on...

... and get dressed (ew, I so need to clean that mirror! Looks like someone's spunk on there!).

Now quickly throw all my stuff into a bag, and it's out of the door, down the stair-case and out with the (very low tech) mp3 player. Yes, yes, I haven't entered the ipod and smartphone generation yet.

Didn't even have time for breakfast but I wasn't that hungry. It's about 10 minute walk into the centre of the small town I live in right now and to the train station. Yeah, I don't have a car, not even a driver's license.

There Overath to Cologne main station. Train's coming and its nice and empty.

Good time to do some last minute lesson-arranging (I planned it last week, don't worry) until I am finally back in civilization. I'm a Cologne girl through and through, living outside of it is kind of painful.

I teach an English class in town and its actually close to the main station but because I don't have a printer right now, I have to make my way to the underground...

... and ride the tube for two stations to get to a nice copy shop where I can print out my class materials.

Then it's back into the very centre - say hello to Cologne's most famous landmark - and another short walk to a Deutsche Post building, where I teach some employees.

Off to the copy room where I can copy all my class materials for free. The miraculous paper multiplication.

In the classroom, I connect the mp3 player for a listening excersize (We are listening to stretches of Nick Hornby's A long way down) and then still have a few minutes to gather myself. Class didn't want to be pictured - but as usual, 2 of 6 people present. Not that I mind, makes my job easier.

90 Minutes later, I'm done and this time I take the scenic route back to the trainstation.

Yum, freshly squeezed orange juice breakfast at 2 pm while I wait for my train.

There it is!

Back in Overath, I walk home - I live under the second roof behind that open window there.

I make myself a snack of mango and nuts and relax a little, watching last week's Grey's Anatomy episode and replying to work emails.

Before I do anything else, Mum asks to take the dog out and I can actually still use a bit of sun and a walk by the river. Ok, living outside the city isn't all bad all the time.

Some more tea and some work. I'm a TA at my uni and my professor has me organizing the financial aspects of a symposium he's organizing. Reaks havok with my mood because I hate numbers and I lack information and feel like a failure.

I throw the towel in the end and play some guitar to raise my mood a bit. Works too a degree, always does.

Mmmmm and finally I give myself the evening off and I can spend some time with my kisstheground , rp and listen to music.

A little later, I cook myself some dinner - spicy pecan turkey breast with raw peppers and cucumbers. Yum.

More rp-ing and chatting and relaxing follows until I start to fade, brush my teeth, moisturize again...

... and after a few pages in a really depressing book...

Good night, world!

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I love this!! Cologne looks beautiful! :)

:) I had a lot of fun reading that. but HOW does taking all these pics now slow you down?! XD

Dinner looks really delicious! I love your DITL! I've always wanted to do one of these.

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