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Review: Daniel Glattauer - Alle sieben Wellen
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Book 12/50: Daniel Glattauer - Alle sieben Wellen
(not yet translated but means "Every seventh Wave")

This book is the sequal to "Gut gegen Nordwind", it is written in the classic style of an epistolary novel in email form. Its a love-story between Leo and Emmi, who only know each other through their emails. Emmi is married and Leo has a girlfriend and they keep fighting their feelings for each other, they meet up for coffee and discuss it, go back and forth and can't figure out their feelings.

I have read this much closer and more intense than I usually do because I will translate parts of it for my BA thesis. In fact I typed down about 15 pages of it for that purpose and I will have to think about this book a lot in the next few weeks. One thing I really admire is how different they styles are depending on who is writing the Email. Leo is very controlled and when he writes of his emotions it is in a beautifully reflective way. Emmi on the other hand is impulsive, she usues many exclamation marks, she can be impatient and demanding and she has her very own voice.

I can't claim it is the hight of literary artistry but it draws the reader in. There is something about the characters and the way they write and interact is really beautiful. There is a lit of wit in the writing, subtle jokes, beautiful passages full of heart and fresh metaphors and many other delightful things. This is why I wanted to translatze it - its fun, modern, and really sweet. It's also honest, brutally honest in parts and I think I - and probably many people - can find something to emphasize with. I could often see Adam and I in their writings.

Pages: 222


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