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Review: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
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Book 02: Carlos Ruiz Zafón – The Prince of Mist


The Prince of mist was a mostly accidental buy at the train-station. I had forgotten to bring a book and wasn’t looking forward to 45 minutes without any reading materials. I was looking for something not too long and not too complicated, something to work well to take my mind of my finals and my master’s thesis for a bit and because The Shadow of the Wind was so beautiful, I just went for this one.

It turned out to be more of a young-adult fantasy murder mystery book (and boy, it’s been so long since I’ve read one of those!)
It tells the story of young Max and his two sisters who move to a small and sleepy sea-side town with their parents to escape the dangers of a city in war-time. And in that town, the children discover magic – or rather they discover that it exists. Little creepy coincidences lead them to get spooked and when they meet the Roland, a boy of the village, he tells that them he has noticed something too and everything seems to be focused on the face of a clown – a statue in the garden of the old house the family moved to.
When the younger sister, Irinia, spooked by an apparition of him in her closet, falls down the stairs and falls into a coma, Max, Alicia and Roland are left to their own devices to solve the mystery.

It’s a sweet book, a bit too sweet and clichéd at times but the suspense is well maintained and its actually really scary (and not just for kids, either, I couldn’t really put it down at night because I was so spooked).

It doesn’t even approach the genius of The Shadow of the Wind but it was an interesting glimpse into the author’s earlier work. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it but it is a quick read and a nice throw-back into your early teens when this was the general feel of books.


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