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Review: Alessandro Baricco - Ocean Sea
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Book 03: Alessandro Baricco – Ocean Sea


I have been wanting to try some more of work for a while now, seeing as Silk was one of my all-time favourite books, when I came across this Ocean Sea in a book store. It seemed like the perfect buy: Baricco’s prose and the theme of the ocean, one of my earliest love-affairs.

It’s the story of a sea-side inn and a strange cast of characters that live there for a while for various reasons and the book follows their lives from how they got there to why they leave and where they go.

Unfortunately, though, I was actually quite disappointed. It’s rather too post-modern for me, and don’t get me wrong, I like a good dose of post-modernism, but in this book it was just too much and paired with characters that weren’t really likable and very little actually happening but literary tricks and gadgets all over the place.
He does them well, really, but without a story and real feeling for the characters to back them up, they just stick out too much. Towards the end of the book, where he brings each character to a conclusion, each part is written completely differently. A priest who writes prayers in his spare time is written in form of a prayer poem in first person view. One of them is written only in dialog and a painter’s conclusion is described only by a catalogue of his last pieces. It’s all very clever and well done, but I just felt no emotional connection to the story.

So, in conclusion, I’d tell everybody to go buy Silk and don’t judge the author by Ocean Sea.

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